Monday, January 11, 2010


I never knew myself until you knew me--you saw me with truth I cannot comprehend.
My I close my eyes my heart can see you
I can see beauty--
I can see life--
I can see love--
I see myself resting safely in your eyes.

It is those very eyes that keep me warm at night
an emerald sky of glittering stars to ignite hope--hope that I will see you just once more
even if seeing is all that I can do.

My body aches to see that look
to hear that voice
just to to hear my name slip softly from your lips would help me endure another day without you.

Everytime I see you my heart leaps ablaze with all-consuming fire
a flame kindled by the hope that you can still see me.
Your eyes cry out with truth--your eyes see me.
But as if a waking dream your eyes suffer
--a mine of alexandrite--
longing to hold me in your gaze and arms again
just as mine own eyes yearn for you.
Your eyes do not know how to lie.

When my eyes can only dream of you I feel the glowing embers dying



crying for relief

and yet in the face of the impossible the glowing gray coals silently keep.

Hope that cannot be destroyed--
you taught me to see
because you first saw me.

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