Monday, December 22, 2008

A Random Act of Kindness

My hands were numb, my feet soaked, and my face stung from wind and snow. I was already late for a doctor's appointment, and I wasn't going to be getting there anytime soon at the rate I was going. My poor little car was buried in the gutter, and only my mother, me and my little 11-year-old brother were there to try to get it out. It was hopeless. Every try just seemed to push it deeper into the snow. Just when I was ready to give up, I slipped and dropped my brand-new phone into a nice mound of slushly street snow. JUST GREAT. On the verge of tears, I lost hope. Just then, the snow-plow drove by and stopped. The nicest man I possibly have ever met got out and without a word grabbed a shovel and began to dig my poor little car out. I was exhausted, and could barely say thank you. He just smiled and kept working. Within minutes the car was free and I was on my way. God bless the random stranger who took the time and effort to help rescue me today. He truly was an angel in disguise.

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Kar said...

People like that help me have faith in humanity.